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Who We Are

Grassroots Jerusalem sets out to provide an “Evolving Map” of the current grassroots activities and organizations working in the Jerusalem area.  We provide a picture of what is currently happening on the ground, the pending urgent issues, the local solutions and where support is needed to further the work. We reflect the many supporting communities involved in related projects around the world, making direct connections, and supporting these grassroots efforts.

We do not discriminate between Israeli or Palestinian initiatives, nor does it categorize according to religion or political affiliation (although they may be mentioned).  We believe that everyone is entitled to their piece of the puzzle, and their own opinion.  What interests us is what is being done, not what is being said.

We recognize that despite our many cultural differences, and contrast of political opinions, we still have much in common.  Our connection to Jerusalem is the first example of common ground, along with our beliefs regarding Human rights, Justice, Nonviolent Communication, Social and Environmental Sustainability are just a few of the values we share. These provide the fertile ground on which to build relationships.  We recognize the impracticality of true Peace, so long as our mainstream societies fail to address the urgent issues we are collectively attending to.

The goal is not to push certain political agendas, or create umbrella organizations and coalitions. The goal is:

· To shed light and realize the vast network of some (very special) everyday people, stepping up and finding creative solutions for age old “unsolvable” challenges.

· To help each other grow and evolve.  To be more efficient in our separate goals, and more effective in our collective outcome.

With  a clear view of our resources: people,  funding, professional consult, global outreach, original ideas, inspiration and spirit, we recognize ourselves for what we are, and realize the true potential we can only reach together.  Together we take steps towards creating an organic, grassroots strategy geared for the reality we wish to share and eventually… Peace  (see: Lama Workshop).

Please feel free to post current events, comments, struggles, petitions, activities, plans or questions…       All we ask is that you share with us your “Piece of the Puzzle”, let us know who you are, and what you’re about and doing.  This will provide the clarity we seek, and will assist us with promoting your projects and ideas in whatever way we can.

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